We both know that the holy grail to any business online or offline is always relying on driving traffic that results into people buying from you.
If you did not know this to be true, then you would not have invested into Bing Ads for beginners training.
See one thing I know for sure is that literally, “The Getting Of Traffic” is what cripples most businesses online.
Let me paint you a picture in bullet points (lol) and tell me if you can relate:
1. You want to make money online
2. You finally come up with an idea and you know it is going to be a winner
3. You’re excited and motivated so you get to work on your new idea
4. You stay up all day and all night trying to create, build and bring your idea to life
5. You outsource some of the work along the way to get it done faster
6. You start working on the website for your new business idea
Finally you’re done! Your creation has come to life, is available online, ready to receive traffic and start making you money.
Don’t worry it’s coming; this is where it usually happens. What happens you ask?? You start hearing crickets all around your site.
So you finally discover that people are not just going to show up, hence you start advertising online.
You try some social media, some SEO, some paid traffic etc.
Then reality hits and you start to see that:
1. You’re spending too much money on advertising which is money that you don’t have
2. No one cares about your social media ads, your fan page, or your product
3. you’re out $500 in ad spend and you have not made one single sale to your $97 offer.
At this point; you start to think and make yourself believe that your creation is worthless and no one wants it or care about it. You start to think your idea was stupid, your creation is dumb or else everyone would of bought it.
At this point depending on your personality, 2 things might happen:
1. You give up and call it a day and go back to your 9-5 job.
2. You say no problem, I will start something new
Does this picture look familiar?? I bet it does and if you can truly relate; don’t be afraid, I am not stalking you lol. I just know this because I have been there!
I have been where you are now for 7 long years which killed me and shredded every ounce of dignity I had left trying to make my business work online despite the negativity I had all around me from friends and family. However this is not about me.
I am not done, based on one of the two decisions you decide to go with above will determine your future which by the way, are both horrible. Let me explain..
OPTION #1: “You give up and call it a day and go back to your 9-5 job“. Well this is just pathetic. You’re going to give up because no one bought?? This is your dream we’re talking about. Life is not fair and its not easy, so suck it up and try again.
OPTION #2: “You say no problem, I will start something new“. Well this is definitely better than the first option however this is not good either and here is why.
This is how you end up on the hamster wheel like I did for 7 years. See what do you think is going to happen if you try again, create a new product, and try to sell it online??
Don’t you think you will face the same issue? Which is not getting enough or the right traffic, no one cares on social media, your SEO does not get you ranked well etc…
Everything that happened the first time will happen again the second time and the tenth time unless you change what’s broken which by the way, was NEVER YOUR Creation/Product/Affiliate Offer etc..
Think about it, the same process will happen to you again because you changed nothing and you did nothing different. The only difference is the product you once again spend all that time and money to get it out there.
So what’s the solution you might ask?? Well the solution is to stick to the first product you created. Refine it if need be; drive the right traffic to it, be patient, and I promise you will start to see sales coming in.
Once I discovered that the problem is 9 out 10 times not with my creation rather with exposure AKA “traffic”. Everything changed for me. I started to see things differently and my business started taking off by leaps and bounds.
Look, no business on earth, hit the jackpot from the start. You think this way because the media makes it sound this way however its all BULLSH**
Let’s take Facebook for example, what do you think of when you hear Facebook?? Most people if not all think of Facebook as Mark Zucherberg the billionaire.
And when Facebook first launched, everyone thought of the creator as the person who turned down a Billion dollars. This saying was very popular for a while. This is because he was offered this much to sell it and he said NO!
What I am trying to say is people only think of these things but they never think about the hell Mark went through to build Facebook to what it is today. (And this goes for any one starting a new venture)
He had one idea, stuck with it, went against all odds, built traffic to it and in his case his traffic was reaching out to College students which was his target audience AKA (RIGHT TRAFFIC)..
So why am I telling you all of this? Well I am here to tell you that if you have a product, an idea, or an affiliate offer and you have yet to make a penny from it for whatever reason, I am here to tell you it’s not too late.
You can still make it happen. All it needs is the right touches and the right traffic and you’re good to go.
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