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Social media is an integral part of any online marketing, and with each social media site competing to stay on the cutting edge, everybody is making changes and adding updates.  Facebook often leads the way, but websites like Yelp!, LinkedIn, and Twitter have all made recent changes.  In order to help keep you up to date on the most recent changes, here is a list of something things you may need to know.


Facebook has been using a program called Instant Articles to help improve the loading time of articles.  Until now, Facebook has been catering to handful of large content providers and publishers, such as BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Slate, and others.  However, this service will be available to all publishers as of April 12, 2016.  That means that if you are a content producer, with a short set up process and an RSS feed, you could have your posts streaming onto Facebook in real time.  Facebook, like Google, even has its own analytics, so you can track your readers’ behaviour.

Facebook has also been trying to eat up some of YouTube’s viewers with Facebook Video and will be improving its video tracking system.  As Chris Crum from WebProNews reports, Facebook has “announced new features for video ads to help advertisers better communicate their messages and capture viewers’ attention with automated captioning for sound-off videos, new metrics, and Moat integration/in-view buying.”  In addition to this, Facebook will also be offering a tracking system that functions much like an analytics tool.  This will allow advertisers to track their ads and make changes based on which ads are most successful.  Given how much more effect video ads have been than traditional text ads, this is a feature that will likely be very useful.


LinkedIn has recently announced that it will be creating a partnership with Snagajob.  Though LinkedIn has been successful, its format is most effective with professionals seeking salaried jobs.  Snagajob, in contrast, focuses on hourly-wage earners, and given that these workers make up the overwhelming majority of Americans, this partnership will mean that working-class people will be more likely to find LinkedIn to be practical.  The partnership will allow users to sign up with for a free, one-month trial, and will give them access to hours of free training videos.

Yelp! + Spinklr

Yelp! Has recently made a deal with Sprinklr, a marketing company that helps businesses track what consumers have to say about businesses via social media and other digital platforms.  George Slefo of Advertising Age reports that global corporations like McDonald’s have used Sprinklr to monitor what consumers have said about them on the internet.  A partnership with Yelp! will give Spinklr a greater depth of information, and will allow marketers to more effectively track what consumer are saying.  The benefits for Yelp! are unclear at this point, but they’ve made the deal, as Slefo reports, to bring in some revenue.  Unfortunately, it looks like only larger businesses who work with Sprinklr will be benefiting, but the deal does make the importance of having a presence on Yelp! clear.


With a growing presence on social media, companies are increasingly finding that customers are seeking responses to concerns via social media rather than through direct channels.  To help facilitate this, Twitter is offering a new program that allows businesses to transition from Tweets to direct messages via a deep link.  Chris Crum reports that the feature has already been tested with larger companies, allowing Twitter to improve the service.  Coupled with this, Twitter recently removed the 140 character limit to its direct messaging service, making such communication even easier.  If you find that you field customer questions via Twitter, this may be a tool that could make these exchanges even easier.

Final Thoughts

Though not all of these updates will affect all marketers, it is important to keep up on the latest trends in social media, not only because there might be tools that you can benefit from, but also because there are tools that both your customers might be engaging with, and that your competitors are taking advantage of.  To avoid falling behind, it is important to keep on top of the most current trends.

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