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In the past, I have only tentatively encourage people to advertise on Facebook for a number of reasons, but Facebook has recently upped their standing in the ad game by making opt-in pages easier to complete.  It’s no secret that mobile use is increasing, and that the importance of making your site mobile friendly is central to an effective ad campaign, but when it comes to filling out your e-mail information on an opt-in page, the process can be a tedious process, especially if your ad pops up on a social networking site and users don’t want to navigate away from their news feed.  This is where Facebook’s Lead Ads comes in.

How It Works

Similar to the new buyable pins that have been added to Pinterest, Facebook users fill out their information on a Facebook form once and then save it.  If they see an ad with a ‘Subscribe’ button, they click on it.  At this point a second page will come up with two options: ‘Cancel’ and ‘Submit’.  On this page the user can edit what information they want to send, but they won’t have to fill anything out.  Then they can click on ‘Submit’.  If they hit ‘Subscribe’ accidentally, they can simply click on ‘Cancel’.  After submitting, the user can either visit the business’s page, or close the pop-up and return to their news feeds.


This process is beneficial for several reasons.  First and foremost, it makes filling out an opt-in page easy.  As Tech Crunch reports, all users need to do is tap their screen two times to sign up.  This means they don’t have to type out their e-mail, first name, last name, or any other pieces of information that might come up, like zip/postal code, phone number, or address.  Facebook has also been careful enough to set the program up so that you need to tap on two different buttons, which is helpful to both consumers and businesses.  Consumers don’t want to accidentally be added to a mailing list when they are scrolling down their news feed, and businesses don’t want to be overloading their e-mail lists with people who aren’t actual potential clients.  By requiring two clicks instead of one, the process is kept simple and reduces the number of accidental subscriptions.  The process is also designed to make it easy for the user to return to their news feed.  This is especially helpful as many users are reluctant to leave their news feed to go to an opt-in page.  With Lead Ad, they won’t have to navigate away to opt in.  Alternately, if they are willing to leave their page to read more, they can follow the business’s link. This process makes opting-in more user friendly and will hopefully lead to more conversions.


Whenever new options like this appear, users always express privacy concerns, but as Web Pro News reports, the new option was designed with these concerns in mind.  Users can edit the information before they click the ‘Submit’ button, ensuring that businesses get only the information the user chooses to share.  Likewise, Facebook will not be sharing this information with anybody without the user’s consent.  This approach will hopefully put users at ease and assure them that their information is safe, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

The program is being rolled out right now, so unfortunately Facebook is only offering the Lead Ad ‘Subscribe’ button to a limited number of business.  The good news is that smaller businesses who might be interested in the service won’t have to put money down for what is essentially a beta test.  This will give Facebook time to get feedback from businesses and users alike so that they can improve and streamline the service before it is made available to the public.  While the success of ads on Facebook are usually niche dependant, the opt-in rate will likely increase for mobile users with the introduction of this new feature.  If your site gets a lot of mobile traffic, and Facebook ads have been successful for you in the past, keep up to date on this service and consider incorporating it when Facebook does roll it out to the general public.

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  1. Thank you indeed for the helpful post. many people depend only on the traditional ways to build email list. using ppc and facebook you can build big list fast and cheap. I will try to apply your tips on my online selling and drop shipping blog. thanks again.

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