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My Samcart Review – How I Generated Over $70,000 From January to September 2016 Using Only Samcart.com

Since Early 2015, I started using a credit card processor called Stripe.com. See stripe is exactly like PayPal however when you reach a certain point in your business, you can no longer rely on PayPal.com alone to generate sales online. PayPal has its own ups and downs and in order to run a seamless checkout process that is easy for you and your customers, you would need a credit card processor like the ones big online companies use.

Now the reason why I use stripe is because before using them, I used so many other credit card processors like:


Easy pay Direct

and many more to name them all here.

However the problem with these credit card processors, is they have a very long and annoying vetting process before allowing you to use their processing platform.

Things like doing a credit check on you, background checks, and you had to be producing a specific number of sales volume in order to even be able to work with them. To top it off, their processing fee were outrageous.

So the whole process was a nightmare. On the other hand Stripe is Just like PayPal, you just signup as you would with PayPal and start using their credit card processor right away and the best part is, it works a million times better than Authorize.net, and Easy Pay Direct etc..

Now here is the other problem that every online marketer used to face when using these credit card processors including stripe. It requires a ridiculous upfront cost, because in order to use a credit card processor like Stripe, Authorize.net and so on, you had to integrate it with your own shopping cart on your own server, so you needed to set all of this up which costs a lot of money to do and it never came out the way you wanted to. You needed services like:

– Shopping cart to integrate with your Credit Card Processor (Ex Stripe.com)

– SSL certificates to make sure the entire process was safe and secure

– Your own dedicated server as shopping carts only run on dedicated servers that costs hundreds of dollars per month

– Countless security measures in place to make sure your server was secure so your customer’s financial information stays encrypted and safe

– Programmers on retainer to integrate and maintain all of this for you

And even with thousands of dollars spent and all of this headache, things always went wrong which could get you into legal trouble as well.

Well this all ended when Samcart.com was launched last year. I jumped on it right away and never looked back since.

Now I heavily use Samcart.com for all my checkout pages, up-sell funnels, affiliate programs, and every single aspect of me converting a prospect into a customer.

Samcart.com was responsible for generating Thousands in sales for me through using their high converting checkout pages which I create in literally 2 minutes pushing few buttons and selecting few options and the end result is having professional looking checkout pages that look like this:

samcart-checkout-1    samcart-checkout-2

Don’t get me wrong, I still use PayPal but from using Samcart, since mid of last year (2015) up until today, I have generated over $121,000 in sales using Samcart.com alone and this could of been $121,000 in LOST SALES if I did not make the switch and start using SamCart.com.

So click the link below to learn more about SamCart.com and make the switch right away.

Click Here To Learn More

Now if you already know about Samcart and want to sign up right away, You can get started using Samcart.com for a FREE 30 day trial if you click the link below

Click Here To Get Started With 30 Day FREE Trial

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Michael Bashi is a Young entrepreneur who built an entire online business from his parent’s basement. All the odds were against him from his family and friends doubting him; to losing over $40,000 and being stuck at what he thought was a dead end factory job for 7 years. He overcame every obstacle in his way and kept pushing forward; only to find light at the end of the tunnel. On a Month-to-Month basis, Michael NOW generates over half a million unique visitors on autopilot due to the hard work and efforts of his last 13 years in the online world.

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