Internet Marketing With Michael Bashi Episode #3

Hey everyone; I shot a FB live video few days ago and I wanted to share it with you all here for those who could not attend the live event. Here is a recap of what we discussed:

Point #1: What it really takes to succeed online

– Never giving up

– just because someone is already doing it does not mean you can’t.. All it means is offer better service than they are at the same or cheaper price point

Point #2: What it really takes to sell online

– knowing your numbers

– What I do is drive 1,000 visitors (i LEARNED THIS FROM FOLLOWINGFrank Kern Mass Control training from back in 2008.. This usually gives me a clear indicator in which direction I should be heading.

– Once I know my Stats I can scale my revenue which takes us to:

Point #3: What you need to do to make it all happen

– Scale what is working. its all about Leverage.

– knowing and looking at your stats from point #2 helps you see what you need to do to double and triple your revenue.

The cool part is, once you know your exact math; you’re RICH !!! because now you can scale.. This is all you have to do


About mikebashi

Michael Bashi is a Young entrepreneur who built an entire online business from his parent’s basement. All the odds were against him from his family and friends doubting him; to losing over $40,000 and being stuck at what he thought was a dead end factory job for 7 years. He overcame every obstacle in his way and kept pushing forward; only to find light at the end of the tunnel. On a Month-to-Month basis, Michael NOW generates over half a million unique visitors on autopilot due to the hard work and efforts of his last 13 years in the online world.

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