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In this blog post I am going to talk to you about my experience with

Before I begin, if you have not heard of LeadPages, it is a service that lets you create ultra professional web page designs in minutes.

You can create landing pages, squeeze pages, sales letters, webinar pages, thank you pages, product launch funnel sequence, etc..

You pay a monthly subscription for it where the basic price is at $37/month. For a newbie starting out wanting to create landing pages on the fly, LeadPages is totally worth it for you.

However, before I get into the pros and cons of LeadPages let me begin by saying this:

Most people who use LeadPages tend to use it for the sole purpose of “thinking” (in my opinion) that LeadPages gives you a better conversion rates on lead generation specifically.

The reason for this is because aside from the elegant designs of the landing pages, there is this feature where your optin form is only displayed after someone clicks a button kind of like the image you see below.

As you see, this is a typical landing page. The only thing is you don’t see an optin form:

LeadPages optin form

When you click on the “Call To Action” button, you see the optin form pop up.


Apparently, it has been stated that this feature gets you better conversion rates because when a visitor arrives to your landing page, they don’t feel threatened by an optin form hence they would give the content on your landing page a chance by reading it and going through it. So far makes sense right ?

I thought too that it makes sense and that YES I could probably get way better conversion rates for optins.

So I decided to put it to the TEST !

I ran a small test which actually came in handy because at that time I was about to begin a product launch for one of my paid online training programs “TheAffiliateRollout”.

I created my optin page which is the one you saw above, and I created my launch funnel as well.

I would show you my launch funnel but this post is strictly about landing pages.

So I ran a small test where I drove over 3,000 visitors of cold traffic to my landing page. Those 3,000+ visitors all came from and some from Facebook. I spent about $4,000 in a 72 hour period just to test and see if I would get better results.

FYI: whenever you run any sort of test, if you don’t drive at least 1,000 visitors of cold traffic, then your test results would not be as accurate.

Here is snapshot of the traffic I sent to the landing pages:

traffic snapshot for leadpages landing page

 If you take a quick look at the stats, you would see that the warrior forum traffic generated a 26% optin rate and Facebook traffic converted into 12% optin rate.

Now let me tell you; from my experience, these stats are NOT A TALL HIGH enough for me to say that LeadPages gets me better optin rates at all.

What I run my traditional squeeze pages that look this:

traditional squeeze page

with the regular optin form on the page, I actually get nothing less than a 30% conversion rate.

So to say the least, if your main objective to using LeadPages is because you think you get better conversion rates, then think again.

Let me give you some pros and cons about LeadPages


  • Elegant designs
  • No technical know-how involved
  • Very fast to create pages on the go
  • You don’t need a hosting service as LeadPages hosts your pages for you
  • WordPress plugin is available to portray the look as if the page is hosted on your own server instead of using a link generated from LeadPages that looks like this:
  • You can create many different types of web pages for webinars, launches, generating leads, thank you pages, sold out pages, coming soon pages, etc…


  • Monthly subscription of $37/month minimum
  • “My Biggest Con” – the templates provided by LeadPages are set and locked, meaning you cannot add or modify anything. So if you find a template that you like to use, if you like to add something to it, you can’t, you can only eliminate things from the template, but you cannot add to the template. This is really annoying for me.
  • I hate how the way their optin forms are setup makes it really hard to track where the lead that’s opting in is coming from. This is caused by the optin popping up after clicking on the “Call To Action” button like I showed you earlier, this makes it harder for me to track exactly where the leads is coming from. I am sure there are ways, but what I am saying is LeadPages does not make it easy to track optin rates unless you go by whatever analytics they provide to you which ain’t much at all.

So what’s my conclusion ? Do I recommend LeadPages or not ???

Well here is the thing; if you are using LeadPages because you think you’re getting better conversion rates especially with lead generation, then you need to test and rethink things through making sure that you are actually getting better conversion rates because with my test, I actually got lower conversion rates.

However, if you are new and looking to create amazingly good looking web pages on the fly without dealing with any headaches, then LeadPages is definitely for you.

Here are some questions you might want to ask me:

  1. Mike, are you still using LeadPages?
  • ANSWER: Yes but maybe not for long, have not decided yet
  1. Would you go back to using the conventional optin forms ?
  • ANSWER: YES, definitely as I get better conversion rates with the conventional optin form based on the test I ran.

Hope this helps you make a better choice as to whether LeadPages is for you or not… Either or, LeadPages it is a great tool to have but it definitely is not the “end all be all” solution for every internet marketer…

Talk soon.


About mikebashi

Michael Bashi is a Young entrepreneur who built an entire online business from his parent’s basement. All the odds were against him from his family and friends doubting him; to losing over $40,000 and being stuck at what he thought was a dead end factory job for 7 years. He overcame every obstacle in his way and kept pushing forward; only to find light at the end of the tunnel. On a Month-to-Month basis, Michael NOW generates over half a million unique visitors on autopilot due to the hard work and efforts of his last 13 years in the online world.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Just like you, I gave LEadPages a try. I’m a web designer and affiliate marketer so I prefer to have total control. You can create custom templates with LeadPages but there are better, less expensive solutions. I’m obsessed with page size and load times. LeadPages are just too bloated for what they are.

    This week, InstaBuilder 2.0 was released. The stock designs are very similar but the page size generated are much smaller. You can change whatever you want just by dragging and dropping elements. You can also create all the pages you need for an opt in funnel.

    I think I paid the same price for a 3 site license Instabuilder as a month of LeadPages. You can check out the demo here.

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