I want to end this frustration that has been going around in the marketplace about traffic and getting traffic. Everyone always asks me by email, support tickets, webinars; they always say:

MIKE, HOW DO I GET TRAFFIC TO MY WEBSITE ?? I dont blame them for asking me, after all, I am known as the TRAFFIC KING online.

So listen up, from now on I never want to hear you say you can’t get traffic because below there is a plethora of ways to drive traffic to your website and honestly, if you implement the methods below of driving traffic, you can easily get as much traffic as you want every second of the day.

Of course you have to pay for this traffic but guess what ? It’s there and you can get it !!

It makes me sick how everyone is hung up on SEO and trying to learn how to:

  • Building Links
  • Satify Google

bla bla bla, seriously, those people make me feel so bad for them because it kills me to see them waste precious time. Time is all we got in this world and last thing I want to do with my time, is build links because I think Google will rank me.

Are you seriously going to spend hours to get ranked which I guarantee you that you will NOT and if you did its temporary; when instead you can implement instant traffic getting methods and start making mad cash. c’mon, please think for a second.

Here is the problem, everyone whose looking to make money online or at least the majority, are not business minded individuals and that is the problem. Everyone wants to get traffic but are afraid to whip out a credit card and pay for it, and make profits, everyone wants to spend $10 and get $500 back. Maybe in a perfect world but this is not how the game works. 

This mentality is one of the biggest reasons that is crippling YOU and YOUR online business. You have to learn and adapt to small gains. Even Billion Dollar corporations understand this philosophy because they knew they spent at least 5 years building their brand before they became a fortune 500. ADT Security Systems, started back in the 1800’s and they did not sell alarms back then.

I am telling you; traffic is there and everyone can get it, the ones who are killing it with acquiring traffic are not better than you. The only difference between them and you is the following:

– The ones making money understand that they will spend $100 per day to make $250

– They understand that they can lose $1,000 driving traffic and see no sales because they targeted the wrong audience but next time around they will tweak and fix this issue and rake in cash. ( Taking a riskn andmaking a second investment)

– They understand that not every traffic is made equal and that some traffic methods will work for others but not YOU and vise-a-versa

– They understand that every traffic source caters to a different type of audience and sometimes even if the traffic is targeted, the audience buying behaviour might not suit your type of offer which will result in no profits.

It is all trial and error. Now tell me, are you willing to understand all of the above and work within these parameters and make it happen for your business ???

Sorry if I sound rude but I am serioulsy fed up with the marketplace whining about traffic or why they’re not making money.

Almost everyone is so caught up with:

  • what Google said
  • What Google wants
  • The new Google update (who freaking cares 🙂

Then you got other schmucks who SELL you the:

  • hype
  • newest clicknbank push button to HUMAN CLONING on autopilot (just being funny, you get my point)
  • idiots who sell you, a million links for $1 thinking you’re gunna rank on google (I wanna barf right about now)
  • services that promise you 10,000 visitors for $10

please stopppppppppp, stoppp the madness for the love of GOD please stopppp !!!! Get your head straight and treat this as a real business. Push button to riches don’t exist.

Let me be honest with you, I have sold many programs like Affiliate Maverick and Affiliate Maverick 2.0

Do I believe in them ? ABSOLUTELY.


Will they make you money ??????


You wanna know why?

MY ANSWER: Because every single person who bought this service from me was told and taught, and was baby sat, and hand held, and was told a gazillion times, that:

  • you need to write content all the time
  • you need to engage with your audience
  • you need to build a relationship with them

out of the 1,000+ customers who bought this program, you know how many actually listened to me and saw REAL RESULTS ? ONLY 7.

Can you freaking believe it, ONLY 7 !!!

And I know why, most people would:

  1. write generic content that does not mean crap
  2. Pick a topic that they have no idea what it even means but just because they heard it was popular  🙄
  3. do one traffic method, one freaking method and do it half ass (sorry for the language, it’s my blog and I can say what I want 😉

Then expect results. hahaha

First OFF, you will not see results like this, second you’re doing it all wrong. Compare it with what I said above, and what I teach you in my programs and I will let you tell me what you’re doing wrong in the comments below.


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