If you have a job, do you choose which day you want to go in to work ? Or do you mostly work 40 hours per week ? And when you do go to work, do you get to slack off and do what you want, or do you have specific tasks that you have to do ?

See, without you even knowing it, you are persistent and consistent with your job or else, you would of gotten fired. More than likely, when you go into work, you have set tasks that you HAVE to do 8 hours per day, 40 hours a week.

Well why should your business be any different ??? People complain that they make no money online or complain that they are not getting many fans on Facebook for example. Well let’s look at this:

1. Are they posting status updates consistently ?

2. Are they engaging their current fans consistently ?

3. Are they commenting consistently ?

4. Are they helping their customers and fans on Facebook consistently ?

If the answer is NO then this is why you are not making any money or in this case, getting as many fan as you want on Facebook.

The reason why I chose to talk about Facebook is because I am not perfect either. I am guilty of not being as active as I want to be on Facebook. I can make excuses all day if I wanted, however, I am not doing what I should be doing therefore I have barely any fans and I deserve it because I am not being consistent.

My excuse for this is because this year has been busy so far preparing for my wedding coming up but whether my excsue is solid or not, bottom line is that I am not being consistent therefore, I am not seeing the results I want to see on Facebook.

Another example. I get some customers who purchase my Affiliate Maverick program which is a DFY business + training on how to build an affiliate marketing business through building your brand using a blog. So I get few customers who do not at all follow anything I teach even though everything is all laid out for them. They go out there, place an image and write one line blog post, sit there for 3 days then send in a support ticket complaining why they did not make money ??????????????????????? 🙂

What do I say to that ???? Usually nothing “hahaha” but I do understand why they do this. Because many are lazy and don’t want to do the work but yet they want to reap rewards.

Well, whatever business you are trying to build online and however you are building it, do not assume that what you are doing is not working RATHER ask yourself and say: “Am I being consistent enough with what I am using to build my business ?” If your answer is no, then you have found your [WHY]  for not being successful at what you are doing.


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