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10 Tips To Writing Effective PPC Ads

A few months back I put together a post on how to write click-generating titles for content without using click-baiting techniques, but with the launch of my new Pay Per Click (PPC) program, I thought it would be beneficial to offer some tips on how to write effective PPC ads as well.  Though my program…

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10 Reasons Why Bing Ads Tops Google Adwords

For years now, Google Adwords has had a strangle hold in the online advertising game, and few companies have been able to effectively challenge the search engine titan.  However, Bing Ads has covered significant ground over the past few years and has been closing the gap between the two companies.  Though Google remains the far…

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Landing Pages & PPC Traffic

I recently completed a Pay Per Click (PPC) program that takes online marketers and entrepreneurs on a step-by-step tour of what they need to do in order to create a successful PPC campaign.  In order to make any PPC campaign truly successful, though, you need more than a high click-through rate: you need a quality…

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