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Bing Ads Update December Update

With the new year just around the corner, Bing wants to make sure users will have a positive experience in the new year, and so have made three key updates, including a new ‘Favorites’ feature, a new summary screen, and an notification setting for “Automated Rules”.

Favorites Feature: In an effort to make tracking and monitoring campaigns easier, Bing has developed a new ‘Favorites’ feature.  It allows users to ‘star’ as many as 25 favorites in any campaign, ad group, or ad.  You can even ‘star’ keywords!  This will allow you to highlight items you want to keep an eye on and make it easier to visually identify your Bing Ad campaigns.

New Summary Screens: Coupled with this, Bing has redesigned the summary screens where you make changes to your statuses, budgets, and bids.  The changes will make the process of changing and updating these options even quicker.

Notifications for Automated Rules: Bing also realizes that users want to keep up on the latest Automated Rules they set for their campaigns. Therefore, they have created settings that allow users to receive notifications whenever an Automated Rules run, or is a change or error occurs. This allows you to keep close tabs on your ads and campaigns.

All updates available in the OwnPPC members area

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