OwnPPC Update: Maximize conversions with the Enhanced CPC bid strategy

When you enable Enhanced CPC for your campaign, Bing Ads will automatically adjust your bids in real time so that you bid up to 30% higher on users that are more likely to convert and bid up to 100% less on users less likely to convert. Enhanced CPC will help your campaign get more conversions,…

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The Entrepreneurial Struggle 101

We both know that the holy grail to any business online or offline is always relying on driving traffic that results into people buying from you.   If you did not know this to be true, then you would not have invested into Bing Ads for beginners training. See one thing I know for sure…

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AOL Now Displays Bing Search Results

Bing has some big news heading into the new year: it will now be powering AOL’s search engine.  Bing currently powers its own search engine, which as of January 2016 has 350 million users, as well as Yahoo’s search engine, which has over 300 million uses.  The addition of AOL, which boasts around 125 million…

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