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How To Spike Your Web Traffic Using Reddit ?

It seems that not a week goes by where some news story goes viral, propelling a small-town waitress, teacher, or aspiring artist to the front pages of online newspapers, and almost every time it is thanks to a ‘Redditor’.  As a result, any number sites see a huge spike in traffic, and that spells revenue.  With traffic being central to the success of any site, and most methods costing money, being able to use Reddit to drive traffic to your site can an excellent way to drive traffic to your site, and best of all, it’s free.  Reddit, though, has some guidelines and community practices known as ‘reddiquette’, and in order to maximize your results on Reddit, there are a few things you need to know.

For those who do not know what Reddit is, it is essentially a collection of community forums called subreddits where people share links to stories they find interesting, and share their thoughts on the links in the comments section.  Redditors can up-vote or down-vote links and comments.  If people in a community give a link enough up-votes, the article reaches the front page of Reddit and the traffic floodgates open.  This does not happen overnight, but even if you only get a few up-votes, simply having your link shared in a subreddit related to your website’s content can give you access to thousands of readers.  To find success, it is important to follow the guidelines of the site and participate in the same manner that other members of the community do.

Firstly, it is key to avoid being tagged as ‘spam’.  Reddit allows users to share links from their own sites, but this should not exceed more than 10-15% of the items you share.  In order to do this, simply be sure to share links to stories you find interesting outside of your own website.  When you join, you will automatically be subscribed to a number of subreddits, which you can unsubscribe to if you wish.  Be sure to browse and subscribe to subreddits that interest you, but most especially subscribe to subreddits related to your niche.  Throughout the week, visit the site daily, share links on different subreddits, and up-vote and leave comments on links that you like.  Leave kind, flattering comments under links you like as they are a sure way to get ‘comment karma’ and build a positive rapport with people in the Reddit community.  Once or twice a week, slip links into your site in, and when people leave comments, be sure to give the Redditors up-votes for their comments and thank them.  For every link you share from your own site, share 5-10 links from other sites so that you won’t be deemed as spam, and try to find posts that are interesting because this will increase your up-votes and send more Redditors browsing through your past posts.

Depending on the numbers of people who subscribe to a subreddit, you could see a significant spike in traffic for about three days after you post a link.  If after three days, you notice that traffic at your site levels off, go back to your Reddit account and delete the posts to your site, but leave the links you shared to other site.  This way, when people look at your history it will not look like you are spamming the community as the links to your site will be deleted.  You will often see a spike the first day or two.  Be patient, because varying time zones means people interested in your niche may not see your post until a day later.  Folks in Australia, or Britain, for instance, will not see what an American posted until 8-12 hours after it was posted.  After you have deleted a link in one subreddit, try re-posting it in another subreddit that is related to your niche and repeat the process, this way your material gets exposed to different Redditors in different communities.  Also, consider sharing links to your sites in the comments to related posts that have reached the front page.  This is a great way to piggyback on the interest generated by other sites.

One of the entrepreneurs that I coach has seen a significant increase in traffic due to Reddit, and he has never even reached the front page, so you do not have to get thousands of up-votes to drive traffic to your site.  I have helped this entrepreneur take full advantage of all social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and have helped him increase his page rankings with my SEO techniques, but even so, he sees almost 35% of his referral traffic come from Reddit because it can be that effective.  And aside from being free, the traffic is targeted.  Reddit creates places where people who are interested in a specific subject or niche congregate at the same place, which makes it easy for you to access your target audience.  Because these people subscribe to subreddits related to your niche, if they visit your site and like the content, they may be more likely to visit the site again in their future and become a regular visitor.  If the content is compelling and interesting, Redditors may also share it on their Facebook accounts, further increasing your traffic, and since birds of a feather flock together, the people in their social networking sites will likely share an interest in similar subjects.

Before the advent of the internet, businesses would try and find a location that brought traffic to them, be it a sporting goods store opening up near and arena, restaurants opening up near movie theatres, or retail stores opening up in business districts and shopping malls.  When you are online, however, internet users will not pass your website on their way to a related site as they would in the physical world, so you must be innovative and forward thinking when it comes to generating traffic.  For people who don’t have a lot of money to invest in generating traffic, and even for people that do, Reddit is an exceptional option.  Reddit is to websites what malls are to retailers.  It allows you to get exposure to targeted traffic.  As Redditors scroll down a page, they actually do pass by your website, getting you free exposure.  To get the most out of Reddit, though, don’t just post links to your site there, become part of the community, because that is the best way to organically generate interest in your website.


How To Use Twitter More Effectively

how to use twitter more effectively

When it comes to promoting your website and generating traffic, there are few social networking sites as effective as Twitter.  However, some people worry that they don’t know how to navigate Twitter or maximize the benefits that it can bring to their site.  For instance, people may be concerned that they don’t have enough followers and that the things they share will not be noticed.  The truth, however, is that you don’t need a lot of followers to make Twitter work for you.  If you are a novice entrepreneur, or just entering the social networking world, follow these simply steps, and even if you don’t have a lot of followers, you will soon find that Twitter can still drive targeted traffic to your site, or to your business.


The most important thing on Twitter is NOT how many followers you have, but rather WHO is following.  There are consulting firms that boast that they can get you thousands of followers in a matter of days, and while this may be true, if these followers aren’t targeted followers, they are utterly useless.  There are people on Twitter who follow literally thousands of people, and if your Tweets are showing up in their Twitter feeds, there is not much chance that your Tweets will be noticed.  This is not to say that you don’t want followers, but be sure to develop your base of followers organically, that way your Tweets will have a higher conversation rate.  Don’t pay for 10 000 followers and get a 1% conversation rate, when you can organically gain a 1000 followers over the course of six months and get a 10% conversation rate on your Tweets.


You might be asking: How do I get in touch with my market if I don’t have any followers?  The answer is to send Tweets to leaders in your field, or people in a related field.  Let’s assume that your niche is cooking.  Perhaps you have a website where you share recipes, or you sell food merchandise online, or have a coupon site that offers coupons to grocery stores.  Find a popular figure in the field, such as Rachael Ray, go to their Twitter, and send them a Tweet.  In the Tweet, include a link to a blog post on a recipe they recently showcased, or perhaps a link to a coupon to an item they use frequently.  They may ‘Favorite’ or ‘Re-Tweet’ your comment, which will driver their followers to your site.  They already have a massive target audience that you can tap into.


More popular figures can be hard to get responses from, so try and pick people who aren’t quite as famous as the top names, as they more likely to respond.  Likewise, their followers are usually particularly loyal and are more likely to notice your post.  There is a person I coach who has an arts and entertainment blog where he does reviews for music, films and books.  He has posted Tweets to celebrities like Spike Lee, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga, each of whom have millions of followers.  Despite this huge number of followers, on days when he Tweeted to these celebrities, he saw absolutely no increase in his traffic.  However, when he Tweeted a post to music act that was relatively unknown and only had a few thousand followers, his traffic literally doubled because those followers were particularly loyal to the band while the band was happy to see a favourable review on their music, so they re-tweeted it.  Likewise, when he Tweeted a post about plus-size models out to a few models in the field, he saw a 1000% increase in traffic for three days.  They didn’t have nearly as many followers as Kanye West or Lady Gaga, but the followers they had were loyal, and the models who he sent the Tweets out to ran their own Twitter accounts and favourited or re-tweeted his comments.  It is still worth Tweeting to the bigger celebrities, because if one of your Tweets hits, it will generate a flood of traffic, but in most instances you will get better results Tweeting out to less celebrated figures.


You will find that it may be difficult to get ‘Favorites’ and ‘Re-Tweets’ from some of the bigger names in your field, so you may want to target their followers instead of them.  The great thing about Twitter is that everybody’s followers are public.  This is like having access to somebody’s client list without having to pay for it.  Read through the Tweets others have left, and find some Tweets you like and ‘Favorite’ them and send a reply to other followers.  These people aren’t celebrities and will be more likely to interact with you.  Follow them, or reply to their Tweets.  Send them a Tweet and let them know that you agree with their posts and share a link on your site with them.  They will be more likely to follow you and check out your link.  Do this two or three times a day, and over the course of six months you could have hundreds of targeted followers who are far more likely to notice your Tweets and read your posts than the ‘thousands’ of ‘followers’ some consulting agency would have gotten you.


I know how annoying the ‘hashtag’ trend is, but on Twitter, the use of hashtags can be very effective.  Keep track of the latest shows and articles in your niche, and when something popular comes up, use a hashtag already related to it, or create one, and then share a link to related post from your website in that tweet.  Perhaps you have a blog about home improvement, or a coupon site that posts coupons for home improvement items.  Be sure to follow leaders in the field like Mike Holmes, and the Twitter feeds for companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s.  When a new Mike Holmes program airs, or a Tweet comes up from Holmes’s Twitter feed, reply to it, or use a related hashtag in a tweet with a link to your website.  If Home Depot or Lowe’s Tweet a new item or sale, share a related post from your website and include the hashtag they used in a Tweet with a link to your website.  Including hashtags in replies to Tweets that have a link to your website is an excellent way to improve the chances of having Twitter users visit your site.

Overall, Twitter can be an excellent way to get free, targeted traffic, and you do not have to be a social networking expert to make it work for you.  You do no need thousands of followers, and you do not need to pay a consulting agency to get you thousands of followers.  Just keep your fingers on the pulse of the market you are involved with, share a few Tweets a day, and be sure to direct your Tweets to leaders in your field, and their followers, and add a hashtag or two.  This will gain you access to targeted audiences, increase the traffic to your site, and help you build a list of targeted followers.